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Duane Doogan: The Scenic Route

Thu 29th Feb
8:30 pm

Duane Doogan has never done things the normal way and often wonders what his life would have been like had he followed the ‘typical’ path. While his friends were getting married and buying houses, Duane was attempting to break the world record for Most Eggs Smashed with your Wrist on a public bench. It didn’t work. Join him in this stand-up comedy show as he explores the hilarious journey of playing catch-up with life and wishing that the chase didn’t leave him so sweaty and wheezy. Duane Doogan is a world famous comedian and friend and you may have seen him as the Resident MC & Founder of Cherry Comedy at Whelan’s and the Host of the My First Gig Podcast. Join him for his debut stand-up special while you’re still young. “Can still be funny…” – Irish Times “…is a comedian too” – Independent “Warm, affable, skilled” – Chortle