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CoCo Comedy Club: Charity Comedy Special

Sat 3rd Dec
8:30 pm

A?n unbelievable evening celebrating comedy as a whole. Featuring the absolutely best of Irish comedy, this show promises to be one of our funniest to date. T?he show will be split in two halves, each as mesmerizing as the other. We will start of by honouring some of the most hilarious comics in the country, handing out trophies to the absolute greats of Irish humour. We'll smoothly transition into our second half where the freshly awarded winners will perform some of their greatest jokes for your enjoyment. Sparking enjoyment and bursts of uproarious laughter, this show is sure to leave you starry-eyed and your mouth sore from laughter. You might need a health check-up after the show has concluded, as we can not guarantee that you will leave with sides un-split from the hilarity. T?his show is organised in conjunction with Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland with all proceeds going to their charity.